Strategic orthopaedic-related 510(k)s issued in January 2009 include:

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> Caltrix Resorbable Bone Void Filler (AG Digital Technology)
> Comet Anterior Cervical Plate (Apollo Spine)
> Silicone PIP (Ascenion Orthopedics)
> Dual Needle Suture Passer System (Cayenne Medical)
> Suture Anchor (Extremity Medical)
> Revolve Stabilization System (Globus Medical)
> Novel Spinal System (Medyssey)
> Pediloc Locking Plate (OrthoPediatrics)
> Newport Spinal System (Seaspine)
> Phenix Cervical Interbody Device (Spinal Devices)
> General Spinal System/GSS, Intramedullary Nail (Trauson Medical)
> Xycor Spinal Implant (Vertebration)

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