Building Management Teams in Start-Ups

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By Elizabeth Hofheinz, MEd, MPH March 3, 2009 (From

“I hear that Brad from the Billion Dollar Computer Company is looking for a job…must be good if he reached management there. And he can probably get up to speed on spine pretty fast. Or there’s that star researcher from Mega Ortho…but I hear he takes a long time to make decisions.”

Such thinking makes Drue De Angelis shudder. De Angelis, President and Managing Partner of The De Angelis Group, an executive search and consulting firm serving the orthopedic and spine industries, says, “There are many different facets to consider in assessing the right fit for a start-up orthopedic company. The fundamental question is, ‘What makes a person fit into a start-up vs. a billion dollar company?’


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