BioMedical Enterprises, Inc. (BME) Announces the Appointment of Keith M. Peeples as Vice President, Sales and Marketing

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SAN ANTONIO, March 30 /PRNewswire/ — BioMedical Enterprises, Inc.(BME), a rapidly growing medical device company focused on the clinicaldevelopment of orthopaedic memory metal implants, announced today that ithas appointed Keith M. Peeples as its Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

BME specializes in nitinol implants that contract and compress boneafter implantation, bringing bone ends together to promote bone union. TheOrthopaedic Staple System (OSS)(TM) of proprietary staples and the patentedOSSforce(TM) Controller allow the surgeon to finely control the amount ofcompression and rate of force application generated on bones, therebyreducing fractures and stimulate bone healing.

“Keith is a proven executive who brings extensive senior level salesand marketing experience to BME, as well as a shared strategic vision tocreate a leading medical device company,” said Kenneth I. Moch, Presidentand CEO of BME. “We are delighted to have Keith as part of our leadershipteam.”

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