Intrinsic Therapeutics gets EU OK for disc surgery device

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Spinal medical technology firm Intrinsic Therapeutics Inc. reports that it has approval to market its Barricaid anular prosthesis in the European Union for use in reconstructing soft tissues of the spine.

Winning the CE mark gives Woburn-based Intrinsic the approval to sell the Barricaid throughout the EU, as well as in other countries that recognize the CE mark.

According to Barry Sands, vice president regulatory, clinical and quality affairs at Intrinsic, the Barricaid is a partial disc prosthesis that enables surgeons to reconstruct the anulus — the fibrous ring surrounding the outside edge of the intervertebral disc — in patients with lumbar disc herniations and sciatica.

The Barricaid is intended to be used as part of a standard discectomy procedure, according to Intrinsic officials.

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