DePuy Spine Launches HEALOS® Bone Graft Replacement

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RAYNHAM, MA – April 27, 2009 – DePuy Spine, Inc. today announced the launch of HEALOS® Fx Injectable Bone Graft Replacement (HEALOS Fx), the company’s first bone graft solution designed specifically for minimally invasive spine surgery (MIS). HEALOS Fx is a moldable, injectable version of HEALOS® Bone Graft Replacement, which is the company’s osteoconductive and osteogenic (when ombined with bone marrow aspirate) bone graft substitute which has been shown to achieve fusion rates quivalent to autograft in peerreviewed, published human clinical studies.(1),(2)

HEALOS Fx is a readytouse fibrous material that can be molded for open applications or injected via cannulas of differing lengths to reach difficult implantation sites in minimally invasive or small void surgical environments. The original form of HEALOS, which exists as preformed strips of varying sizes, has been available for more than seven years in the U.S. and has been used in more than 65,000 procedures

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