USPTO Issues Seventh Patent to NuOrtho Surgical

USPTO Issues Seventh Patent to NuOrtho Surgical
Fall River, MA, June 9, 2009:
The USPTO has issued a new patent to NuOrtho Surgical, their seventh issued patent. NuOrtho is a developer of surgical instruments that enable Tissue Preservation in the Medical arena. The company will help doctors be more effective and efficient in their soft and hard tissue procedures minimizing collateral damage. The company is headquartered in Massachusetts.

The patent is titled “Electrosurgery Devices”. The specific patent application extends the low energy RF foundation already established by NuOrtho for treating tissue within the body. Treatment options enabled by the new approach include therapeutic devices to effect advantageous tissue changes and enhance the overall healing response of tissues.

NuOrtho’s product portfolio in development includes instruments for debridement and contouring of soft tissue. One key application will be for articular cartilage in the knee. As people age and cartilage frays or basic activity cause tears, NuOrtho’s probe can smooth and contour tissue to help patients return to pain free mobility. A game changing product is their bone fusing technology for hard tissue. This has the potential to eliminate the use of some plates and screws in basic procedures in orthopedics, Cranial Maxilla Facial and even the Veterinary arena.

Dr. Brant Bair, Chair of NuOrtho’s advisory panel sees tremendous potential for NuOrtho’s product portfolio. As an active tri-athlete and Orthopedic surgeon, he sees the benefits of Tissue Preservation for active people and the aging population. “The technology has the ability to advance the science of Orthopedic surgery and the team is laser focused on getting the first product to market.”

NuOrtho is focused on the US marketplace for initial launch. They will expand into the EU with partners. The company has recently opened a Series B round for strategic partners.
For more information, visit http://www.nuortho.com/.

Josh Sandberg

Josh Sandberg is the President of Ortho Spine Partners and Partner for The De Angelis Group. He also serves as Co-Founder and Editor of OrthoSpineNews.

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