Zimmer Announces Workforce Changes

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Zimmer Holdings announced workforce changes to position the company for growth.

“From 2006 to the present, Zimmer has invested substantially to expand our employee base,” said Brad Bishop, director of public affairs, in a statement released today. “Global employee growth over this time period is 21 percent, with growth in Warsaw also at 21 percent.”

He said Zimmer has recently taken steps that further position the company for long-term, sustainable growth.

“We have initiated modest changes in our work force, which include the elimination of positions in some areas and increases in others to balance requirements necessary to support strategic priorities,” he said.

The changes have resulted in the loss of approximately 100 jobs in Warsaw.

“Less than 5 percent of the global workforce is affected by the realignment; that is true for the Warsaw site, where just over 100 of our total employment of more than 2,800 are affected,” Bishop said.

“With future hiring we expect to maintain or even increase the net number of employees both in Warsaw and globally in 2009.”

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  1. Zimmer – A Contemporary Law Firm, dabbling in orthopedics…

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