Texas Spine And Joint Hospital Unveils Faster, Stronger MRI

Texas Spine and Joint Hospital officials Thursday announced the addition of an advanced magnetic resonance imaging system (MRI) and expect the new machine to change the way physicians there make diagnoses.

The MRI is a diagnostic test used to visualize the structure and function of the body using a powerful magnetic field.

The Discovery 750 3T MRI goes even further, allowing more accuracy, a quicker scan and high definition quality. The system at TSJH is one of three in Texas and among 60 in the world.

“It is two times stronger than most scanners, which means better pictures and better resolution,” said Judy Porter, TSJH radiology technologist. “We are able to see things that we were unable to see before. No one in East Texas has this.”

Dr. Guy Danielson, a founding partner at the private, physician-owned hospital, said after years of researching new affective ways to treat patients, they obtained the system.

He said it also will help doctors understand diseases in older people including dementia and disorders of the spine, which are prevalent conditions as the large baby boomer population age.

The functional MRI system can examine tiny parts of the brain never seen before, which will help doctors accurately map out how they will remove or treat tumors with little risk.

“It has the capacity that will allow you to see the activity of the brain cells as it is happening,” Dr. Danielson said.

“The ability to see activity in the brain is key to understand how it works. It will improve outcomes and decrease risks of surgery significantly.”

Officials at TSJH also celebrated an upcoming clinical study in which they will collaborate with University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler researchers.


Josh Sandberg

Josh Sandberg is the President of Ortho Spine Partners and Partner for The De Angelis Group. He also serves as Co-Founder and Editor of OrthoSpineNews.

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