Signus Medical, LLC releases DIALOG Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System

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Signus Medical, LLC is pleased to announce the release of the DIALOG Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System at the 2009 NASS Meeting in San Francisco, California. The innovative DIALOG system was developed by Signus Medical and Minneapolisbased orthopaedic spine surgeon, Dr. John G. Stark. Dr. Stark is a pioneer in the study of diagnosing and managing sacroiliac joint pain and its treatment.

The DIALOG system utilizes a patented distractioninterposition method to provide a
simple and safe fusion technique for the sacroiliac joint. Reproducible placement of a
uniquely designed bone dowel is achieved using a patented sequential instrumentation approach with ligamentotaxis stabilizing the joint during the fusion process.

In the past, SI joint problems have been under recognized and commonly misdiagnosed. The unique approach of the DIALOG system allows the surgeon to more safely access the SI joint’s deep position and subtle mechanics, which in the past were seemingly unapproachable.

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