Nucleus Replacement- A New Option For Treating Degenerative Disc Disease

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(PressZoom) – The nucleus replacement market is forecast to be driven by a growing awareness of non–fusion technologies in spinal surgery. This early stage market with most products under the pipeline expected to release in the next couple of years, is touted to position itself as the gold standard for the treatment of early stage disc degeneration.

It is estimated that 85% of the population over the age of 60 show evidence of spinal disc degeneration. Nucleus replacement will be the leading motion preserving treatment option in the US and Europe that holds a large pool of this aging population. Nucleus replacement technique is less invasive, less traumatic and most importantly, offers motion preservation. These factors will aid in positioning nucleus replacement as a dominant driver in the spinal surgery market.

This analysis was taken from a research paper published by GlobalData.

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