Spineblogger – Kabins Sentenced Justice Served or Just a Joke?

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It was reported today that a federal judge sentenced Mark Kabins for his role in the so-called Medical Mafia conspiracy in the City of Lost Wages. Kabins will spend five years on probation with home confinement for the first six months and pay Melodie Simon $3.5 million dollars for medical malpractice which resulted in her paralysis.

Kabins pled guilty last year to misprison of a felony, meaning he knew about the crime being committed but failed to report it. Of course he knew of the crime because he was an accessory and a co-conspirator.

TSB wonders what the Vegas Distributor for Blackstone/Orthofix will do for the next six months while Kabins stews at home. If you know of anyone in Vegas that needs back surgery spread the word, Kabins is a criminal. You know the old saying, what goes around, comes around.

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