It has been noticed by us at OSN lately that the coffers seem to have opened up again in Orthopedics and Spine. By our count, there have been 16 financing events since November 2009 with a few acquisitions to boot. Those 16 investments (ranging from angel rounds to Series D) have totaled a whopping $212.55 Million of fresh capital. Here is a list of the companies and recent investments:

Spinal Modulation (Nov) $27.4 Million Series C
Ortho Kinematics (Nov) $3.5 Million Series A
Spinal Motion (Nov) $27.4 Million Series D
Cardo Medical (Nov) $6.2 Million Private Placement
Axiomed (Dec) $6.4 Million Series C
MiMedix Group (Jan) $5.0 Million Private Placement
Salient Surgical (Jan) $15.0 Million Private Placement
BioPoly (Jan) $2.0 Million Series A
BioCeramic Therapeutics (Jan) $1.9 Million Series B
OrthoAlign (Jan) $5.2 Million Series A
Intra-Link Spine (Feb) $0.75 Million Grant
Intrinsic Therapeutics (Feb) $18.0 Million Series B
Carticept Medical (Mar) $20.0 Million Series B (With a Strategic, SonoSite)
Spinal Restoration (Mar) $20.0 Million Series C
Non-Linear Technologies (Mar) $8.8 Million Series B

Let’s hear your thoughts. The economy, as it relates to Orthopedics and Spine, seems to have become stronger even with the looming healthcare reform debacle. Venture firms have shown a confidence in our industry again (not that it ever completely went away, it just went into hiding for a little while). This has to be good news, right?

Please feel free to leave your comments behind on this page. We are currently offering a less hostile place to let your voice be heard.


Josh Sandberg

Josh Sandberg is the President of Ortho Spine Partners and Partner for The De Angelis Group. He also serves as Co-Founder and Editor of OrthoSpineNews.

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