X-spine Announces New FDA Clearance of Spinal Implant System

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MIAMISBURG, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–X-spine, a global manufacturer of implants and instruments for spinal surgery, announced FDA clearance of its new Fixcet ™ Spinal Facet Screw System. The system is designed to provide spinal stability for lumbar fusion procedures, including the treatment of degenerative disk disease, instability and trauma.

The system incorporates a novel one-piece screw design which provides active compression of the facet joint and improved apposition of the facet surfaces compared to other systems. It can also be inserted through either a traditional open approach or a minimally invasive, wire-guided approach.

“We are seeing an evolution to smaller spinal fixation procedures, including those being done on a short patient stay basis. Being a minimally invasive facet system, the Fixcet is ideal for such procedures where lumbar fusion needs to be performed with minimal tissue disruption,” states X-spine CEO Dr. David Kirschman.

The Fixcet joins X-spine’s growing portfolio of spinal implant products, including the Spider Cervical™ plating system, the X90™ pedicle screw system, the Fortex™ pedicle screw system, the Calix ™ interbody fixation system, and the Butrex™ buttress plating system.

About X-spine Systems, Inc.

X-spine (www.x-spine.com) is a global developer and manufacturer of novel technologies for the treatment of spinal disease. Based in Ohio, privately-held X-spine markets spinal implants and surgical instruments worldwide for the treatment of spinal degenerative disease, deformity, trauma, and spinal tumors.

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