Two Recent Studies Offer New Cartilage Lesion Insights

NuOrtho Surgical, Inc. today announces that the findings of two separate studies discussing early surgical intervention for the articular cartilage damage of osteoarthritis.

The studies demonstrate that damaged cartilage retains viable cartilage cells at stages of the degeneration process from normal to surface fibrillation. The studies also confirm many previous studies that current treatments using thermal and plasma ablation devices can caused additional damage to articular cartilage. The studies were performed at the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico, in conjunction with Physicians Medical Center of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

NuOrtho’s Ceruleau™ probe was tested due the new non-ablation approach to tissue preservation that it represents. The current ablation radiofrequency devices tested, including Smith and Nephew’s Glider® probe and Arthrocare’s Paragon® probe, are designed for ablation of tissue and therefore can cause collateral damage. Ceruleau allows for targeted removal of diseased tissue without causing the collateral damage of ablation devices that has been a concern to surgeons.    The study, titled “Histopomorphic Evaluation of Radiofrequency Mediated Debridement Chondroplasty”, states that “The morphologic and histologic treatment results created by Ceruleau are vastly superior to those of other debridement chondroplasty techniques.” and “The low-level energy delivery is configured to modify/precondition diseased cartilage to a state amenable to a safe and effective gentle mechanical débridement.”

NuOrtho Surgical CEO, Jeff Morrill commented, “This published study gives further scientific evidence of the benefits that the Ceruleau Surgical probe provides and gives another boost to a our company’s efforts to advance the science of Tissue Preservation℠ for the orthopedics market

NuOrtho Surgical is focused on surgical instruments to enable Tissue Preservation℠ in the Orthopedic arena to improve patient outcomes. The technology leverages a low level Radio Frequency energy to restore mobility in patients by preserving healthy tissue in both soft and hard tissue procedures. NuOrtho has three primary product platforms for preserving healthy Tissue to sustain long-term mobility in our busy lives, particularly for Baby Boomers. These platforms include Soft Tissue Treatment, Agent Delivery and Bone Fusion

Source: Ganguly K, McRury ID, Goodwin PM, Morgan RE, Augé WK. Histopomorphic evaluation of radiofrequency mediated débridement chondroplasty. Open Orthop J 2010; 4:211-220.

Ganguly K, McRury ID, Goodwin PM, Morgan RE, Augé WK. Native chondrocyte viability during cartilage lesion progression: normal to surface fibrillation. Cartilage; July 22, 2010 as doi:10.1177/1947603510373918

Fotr more information contact: Chris Heye/NuOrtho at 617-848-8999


Josh Sandberg

Josh Sandberg is the President of Ortho Spine Partners and Partner for The De Angelis Group. He also serves as Co-Founder and Editor of OrthoSpineNews.

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