Memometal Technologies Announces Limited Release of the New Smart Toe II Hammertoe Fixation System

MEMPHIS, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MMI-USA, a subsidiary of Memometal Technologies S.A., a global orthopaedic manufacturer headquartered in France, announces the limited launch of the new Smart Toe® II Hammertoe Fixation System. The product becomes an important piece of a comprehensive system for forefoot fixation, and reinforces the most widely used franchise of intramedullary implants of this kind in the world.

“The new Smart Toe II features enhanced positioning capabilities, ensuring more precise placement during implantation and closure”

According to company co-founder Bernard Prandi, the Smart Toe II System offers several differences from its first-generation predecessor. “The new Smart Toe II features enhanced positioning capabilities, ensuring more precise placement during implantation and closure,” he says.

The new forefoot system allows the surgeon to treat a variety of foot issues, including hammertoe, the IP (interphalangeal) joint of the great toe, and the DIP (distal interphalangeal) joints of the lesser toes. “We estimate the number of procedures for these indications exceeds 700,000 potential cases annually,” notes Heath Harrell, Senior Marketing Director of MMI-USA.

Memometal maintains one of the largest extremity research and development groups in the world, continually investing in developing new products and innovative designs. The Smart Toe II Hammertoe Fixation System joins an impressive list of new products introduced in 2010 for foot and ankle surgeons, including the Anchorage™ Plating System, the Smart Toe® DIP implant, the FIXOS™ SV and CS screw system, the SubFix™ Arthroeresis System, and the Ti-Fuse fixation system.

“The original Smart Toe implant replaced a decades-old corrective surgery, creating an entirely new technique for surgeons with very positive patient outcomes. Memometal’s goal is to bring more new products to market quickly, as our proven technologies and knowledge expand,” says Prandi.

For more information about the new Smart Toe II System, contact MMI USA at www.mmi-usa.com; or visit www.hammertoetreatment.com.

MMI-USA, Inc. (www.mmi-usa.com) is a leading provider of innovative, cost-effective orthopedic extremity solutions dedicated to enhancing the ability of physicians to deliver improved patient outcomes and quality of life through quality implants, clinical education and superior services. A subsidiary of Memometal Technologies S.A., headquartered in France, the company’s implant designs are highly regarded by surgeons worldwide for superior functionality and results. The company was recognized in 2008 as a Company of the Future by Ernst & Young, France. Contact MMI-USA by telephone at 901.685.7557 or via e mail at ataylor@MMI-USA.com.

® Smart Toe is a registered trademark of Memometal Technologies, S.A.

™ Anchorage, FIXOS and SubFix are trademarks of Memometal Technologies, S.A.


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Josh Sandberg is the President of Ortho Spine Partners and Partner for The De Angelis Group. He also serves as Co-Founder and Editor of OrthoSpineNews.

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