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Tornier Announces Launch of BioFiber® Surgical Mesh for Tendon Repair at Arthroscopic Surgery Conference

AMSTERDAM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tornier (NASDAQ: TRNX), a global leader in extremity orthopaedics, today announced the launch of its BioFiber® Surgical Mesh for the repair of rotator cuff and other tendon and ligament injuries at the 30th Annual Meeting of the Arthroscopic Association of North America (AANA) held in San Francisco. Utilized to treat over 100 patients since its limited commercial release in December 2010, the BioFiber Surgical Mesh complements Tornier’s expanding line of biologic products for upper and lower extremity surgeons, including the Conexa™ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix that has been in clinical use since 2008.

John W. Sperling, MD, MBA, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, commented, “Surgery for the re-attachment of tendons or ligaments to bone, such as a rotator cuff repair, can be associated with a later re-tear at the attachment site, especially in patients with compromised healing function. BioFiber’s unique mesh design and its biocompatible resorbable polymer composition provide an ideal scaffold to support healing at these surgical attachment sites. Combined with its ease of use and cost effectiveness, I have found the BioFiber Surgical Mesh to be a useful product in my practice to reinforce attachment sites during tendon and ligament surgeries.”

Under development by Tornier for over three years, BioFiber Surgical Mesh is distinguished by both its mesh design and polymer composition. The mesh is a proprietary three dimensional structure designed to provide a strong, but flexible scaffold for cell migration and enhanced healing. The fibers of the mesh are derived from a new class of proprietary resorbable polymers called polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs). Developed by Tornier’s corporate partner, Tepha Medical Devices of Lexington, Massachusetts, the PHA family of resorbable polymers is characterized by a unique profile of strength, flexibility, and tissue compatibility that is ideal for a broad range of implantable medical devices.

About Tornier

Tornier N.V. is a global medical device company focused on serving extremities specialists who treat orthopaedic conditions of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, ankle and foot. The Company’s broad offering of over 80 product lines includes joint replacement, trauma, sports medicine, and biologic products to treat the extremities, as well as joint replacement products for the hip and knee in certain international markets. Since its founding approximately 70 years ago, Tornier’s “Specialists Serving Specialists” philosophy has fostered a tradition of innovation, intense focus on surgeon education, and commitment to advancement of orthopaedic technology stemming from its close collaboration with orthopaedic surgeons and thought leaders throughout the world. For more information regarding Tornier, visit

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