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08/16/11 Kenosha, WI: Bradshaw Medical, Inc. announced earlier today that they were issued utility patent # US 7992472 for their Torque Limiting Driver and Ratcheting Assembly. The device was developed by Dr. Hua Gao, Vice President of Research and Development.

It is the commitment of Bradshaw Medical to provide innovations to our customers that meet OEM’s challenges throughout the industry. We require our quality instrumentation to consistently perform under the most demanding surgical procedures.

• Two instruments in one, the world’s most precise ratcheting mechanism combined with torque limiting capabilities, an industry first.

• Eliminates the need for switching between instruments which allows screws to be ratcheted/tightened into place and torqued to customer specified preset requirement.

• Prevents the potential for accidental over-tightening of screws which can occur with standard ratcheting handles.

• Reduces space required in instrument trays and reduces overall weight concerns in sets.

• Reduces surgeon fatigue by combining the unique 2-in-1 mechanism.

• Available in a wide variety of handle configurations and desired materials – silicone, aluminum – anodized, or stainless steel.

• ALL our Total-Control torque limiting ratchet drivers have been tested to withstand 200+ autoclaves and 7,500+ actuations and are certified to maintain a MINIMUM accuracy of +/-5% @ 96 lb-in. (11 N-m).

If you desire the very best in this revolutionary instrument technology, contact the “original” development team here at Bradshaw Medical to discuss your specific application(s).

To learn more about the company and view their extensive product line, visit www.bradshaw-medical.com or call toll-free 1-877-201-7661.

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Rebecca Lyyski

Bradshaw Medical Marketing Coordinator




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