Eminent Spine Clinical Trial Successful for King Cobra Anterior Cervical Plate

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Eminent Spine, a Georgetown, Texas-based medical device company, has recently released the results of a study of its King Cobra Anterior Cervical Plate in which no patients experienced complications, according to an Eminent Spine news release.
In the study, surgeons implanted more than 25 patients with 31 of the King Cobra plates, and no patient experienced complications. The plates are used with the ES Cervical Interbody Fusion Device from Copperhead for patients with cervical disc herniation and stenosis.

The King Cobra was designed to address problems of cage migration, reduce surgical time and minimize vascular injury. During the study, OR time using the King Cobra was 45-210 minutes, with the average time being 110 minutes, and average blood loss was 78cc.

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