Implantable Medical Devices Market

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NEW YORK, March 19, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Implantable Medical Devices Market #utm_source=prnewswire&utm_medium=pr&utm_campaign=Orthopedic

US demand to increase 7.7% annually through 2015

US demand for implantable medical devices will increase 7.7 percent annually to $52 billion in 2015. These products have benefited from technological advances, and growth is expected to be strong over the forecast period. Next generation devices have increased confidence in orthopedic, cardiovascular and other implants. Demand will also benefit from the lack of alternative treatments for many chronic disorders and injuries. Over the long term, sales for medical implants will be challenged by tightening control by insurance providers over maximum payment for implantations. However, the ability of medical implants to reduce overall treatment cost for many conditions, including osteoarthritis and chronic heart failure, will work in favor of growth for these products.

Orthopedic products to dominate medical implants

Orthopedic implants will remain the largest implantable device segment, both in market value and growth opportunities. US demand for orthopedic implants is forecast to increase 8.8 percent annually to $29.4 billion in 2015, spurred by technological advances and safety enhancements. It will also reflect the growing prevalence of degenerative musculoskeletal disorders, and lifestyle changes that place people at risk for sports and exercise injuries. Improved orthopedic product designs allow less invasive surgeries. At the same time, as products become more durable and longlived, demand will come from an enlarged patient base for new surgeries rather than for replacements. Also challenging this segment over the long term will be advances in pharmaceutical alternatives to treat arthritic conditions. However, the segment will benefit from the high rate of insurance coverage for orthopedic implants, combined with a stable and well-funded medical delivery system.

CRT devices to benefit cardiovascular implants segment

Cardiovascular implants have strong potential to reduce the overall treatment cost for heart disease, and at the same time contribute significantly to improved quality of life. Demand for these devices is expected to expand 5.1 percent yearly to $14.6 billion in 2015. Pacing devices will realize greatest sales, largely due to growth in cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT). A focus on developing products that reduce mortality and improve patient outcomes has resulted in greater pricing flexibility in an increasingly cost-conscious health care environment. Demand for cardiovascular stents and related devices will follow pacing devices. Fastest growth will be in structural implants, as technological advances in heart valves, ventricularassist devices and implantable monitors encourage greater use.

Wide range of other implants to spur growth

Neurostimulators will continue to represent substantial sales, favorably building on existing applications in neurodegenerative disorders and penetrating indications involving psychiatric disorders. Drug implants will experience greatest growth, with brachytherapy in particular demonstrating rapidly changing applications to treat a wider array of cancers. Ophthalmic implants, for which applications are also extending, will experience significant demand.

Study coverage

Details on these and other findings are contained in the upcoming industry study, Implantable Medical Devices, presents historical demand data (2000, 2005 and 2010) plus forecasts for 2015 and 2020 by type of implant. The study also considers key market environment factors, assesses the industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 26 competitors in the US industry.TABLE OF CONTENTS




General 4Macroeconomic Outlook 5Demographic Patterns 9Health Care Trends 11Health Insurance 12Medical Conditions 15Acute Conditions 15Chronic Conditions 16Cardiovascular Conditions 18Orthopedic Conditions 20Other Chronic Conditions 20National Health Expenditures 22Medical Providers 24Hospitals 25Skilled Nursing Homes 26Outpatient Facilities 26Physicians 27Patient Activity 27Hospital Activity 28Surgical Procedures 29Outpatient Consultations 29Implant Procedures 31Orthopedic Procedures 33Cardiovascular Procedures 34Other Implant Procedures 36Regulatory Considerations 36Historical Market Trends 39Pricing Trends 41US Trade 43International Markets 44Product Overview 46


General 50Reconstructive Joint Replacements 54Knee Replacements 58Types of Knee Replacements 59Cemented & Cementless Knee Replacements 62Producers 63Hip Replacement Implants 64Types of Hip Replacements 67Producers 70Other Reconstructive Joint Replacements 71Shoulder Implants 72Elbow Implants 75Ankle Implants 76All Other Reconstructive Joint Replacements 77Spinal Implants 78Thoracolumbar Implants 81Intervertebral Spacers 83Non-Bone Implants 84Machined Allografts 86Motion Preservation Devices 87Cervical Implants 88Implantable Spinal Stimulators 90Orthobiologics 92Hyaluronic Acid 94Bone Substitutes 96Bone Growth Factors 98Bone Cement 100Tissue Implants 102Trauma Implants 104Internal Fixation Devices 105Craniomaxillofacial Implants 107Implantable Trauma Stimulators 109Dental & Other Implants 111


General 115Pacing Devices 119Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Devices (CRTs) 121Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs) 124Implantable Cardiac Pacemakers (ICPs) 128Pacing Accessories 134Pacing Leads 135Pacing Batteries 137Cardiac Stents & Related Implants 138Coronary Stents 141Drug-Eluting Stents 143Bare-Metal Coronary Stents 147Peripheral Stents 148Endovascular Stent-Grafts 151Renal & Related Stents 153Femoral & Related Stents 154Carotid Stents 156Stent-Related Implants 159Synthetic Grafts 160Vascular Grafts 161Peripheral Grafts 162Vena Cava Filters 163Structural Cardiac Implants 166Heart Valves & Accessories 168Tissue Heart Valves 169Mechanical Heart Valves 173Heart Valve Repair Devices 176Ventricular-Assist Devices 178Implantable Heart Monitors 180Insertable Loop Recorders (ILRs) 181Implantable Hemodynamic Monitors (IHMs) 183


General 185Neurological Stimulators 187Ophthalmic Implants 194Intraocular Lenses 195Glaucoma & Other Lenses 197Gynecological Devices 199Soft Tissue Repair 200Intrauterine Devices 202Drug Implants 205Hormonal Implants 206Brachytherapy Products 207Implantable Drug Pumps 210Otolaryngeal Implants 211Cochlear Implants 213Airway & Esophageal Stents 215Other Otolaryngeal Implants 217Cosmetic Implants 218Breast Implants 220Other Cosmetic Implants 224Gastroenterological Implants 226Gastric Bands 227Biliary Stents 229Other Gastroenterological Implants 230Urological Implants 231Penile & Testicular Implants 232Other Urological Devices 233Other Implantable Medical Devices 235


General 237Market Share 240Competitive Strategies 241Mergers & Acquisitions 247Licensing & Related Agreements 251Research & Development 257Marketing & Distribution 259Manufacturing 260Company Profiles 261Abbott Laboratories 262Alcon, see NovartisAllergan Incorporated 267American Medical Systems Holdings, see EndoPharmaceuticals HoldingsBard (CR) Incorporated 271Bausch & Lomb Incorporated 276Biomet Incorporated 279Boston Scientific Corporation 288Codman & Shurtleff, see Johnson & JohnsonConor Medsystems, see Johnson & JohnsonCordis, see Johnson & JohnsonDavol, see BardDePuy, see Johnson & JohnsonEdwards Lifesciences Corporation 295Endo Pharmaceuticals Holdings Incorporated 298Ethicon, see Johnson & JohnsonGeneral Electric Company 302Gore (WL) & Associates Incorporated 303Intelect Medical, see Boston ScientificJohnson & Johnson 306Medtronic Incorporated 317Mentor Worldwide, see Johnson & JohnsonMerck & Company Incorporated 330Novartis AG 331Oncura, see General ElectricOrthofix International NV 333Orthovita, see StrykerOsteotech, see MedtronicPorex Surgical, see StrykerSadra Medical, see Boston ScientificSmith & Nephew plc 337Sorin SpA 342St. Jude Medical Incorporated 346Stryker Corporation 352Synthes Incorporated 363Thoratec Corporation 370Tornier NV 372Wright Medical Group Incorporated 376Zimmer Holdings Incorporated 383Other Companies Mentioned in Study 390



Summary Table 3


1 Macroeconomic Indicators 8

2 Population by Age Group 11

3 Health Insurance Coverage of the US Population 14

4 Acute Conditions by Type 16

5 Chronic Conditions by Type 18

6 Cardiovascular Conditions by Type 19

7 Orthopedic Conditions by Type 20

8 National Health Expenditures by Type 24

9 Medical Providers by Type 25

10 Patient Activity by Type & Volume 28

11 Medical Implant Procedures by Type 32

12 Implantable Medical Devices — Historical Market, 2000-2010 41

13 US Trade in Implantable Medical Devices 44

14 Implantable Medical Device Demand by Product Group 49


1 Orthopedic Implants Demand by Product Group 53

2 Reconstructive Joint Replacements Demand by Type 57

3 Reconstructive Knee Replacements Demand by Type 59

4 Reconstructive Hip Replacements Demand by Type 67

5 Other Reconstructive Joint Replacements Demand by Product

Group 72

6 Spinal Implants Demand by Product Group 80

7 Thoracolumbular Implants Demand by Application 83

8 Intervertebral Spacers Demand by Type 84

9 Motion Preservation Device Demand 88

10 Cervical Implants Demand by Application 90

11 Implantable Spinal Stimulators Demand 92

12 Orthobiologics Demand by Product Group 93

13 Hyaluronic Acid Demand 96

14 Bone Substitutes Demand 98

15 Bone Growth Factors Demand 100

16 Bone Cement Demand 102

17 Tissue Implants Demand 104

18 Trauma Implant Device Demand by Product Group 105

19 Internal Fixation Device Demand by Application 107

20 Craniomaxillofacial Implants Demand 109

21 Implantable Trauma Stimulators Demand 111

22 Dental & Other Implants Demand 114


1 Cardiovascular Implants Demand by Product Group 118

2 Pacing Devices by Product Group 120

3 Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Devices (CRT) Demand 124

4 Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICD) Demand by Type 128

5 Implantable Cardiac Pacemakers (ICP) Demand by Type 133

6 Pacing Accessories Demand by Product Group 134

7 Cardiac Stents & Related Implants Demand by Product Group 140

8 Coronary Stents Demand by Type 143

9 Drug-Eluting Stent Demand 146

10 Bare-Metal Coronary Stents Demand 148

11 Peripheral Stents Demand by Product Group 150

12 Endovascular Stent Grafts Demand 152

13 Renal & Related Stents Demand 154

14 Femoral & Related Stents Demand 156

15 Carotid Stents Demand 159

16 Stent-Related Implants Demand by Product Group 160

17 Synthetic Grafts Demand 161

18 Vena Cava Filters Demand 166

19 Structural Cardiac Implants Demand by Product Group 168

20 Heart Valves & Related Accessories Demand by Type 169

21 Ventricular-Assist Devices (VAD) Demand 180

22 Implantable Heart Monitors Demand 181


1 Other Implantable Medical Device Demand by Product Group 187

2 Implantable Neurological Stimulators Demand 194

3 Ophthalmic Implants Demand by Product Group 195

4 Gynecological Implants Demand by Product Group 200

5 Drug Implants Demand by Product Group 206

6 Otolaryngeal Implants Demand by Product Group 212

7 Cosmetic Implants Demand by Type 219

8 Gastroenterological Implants Demand by Product Group 227

9 Urological Implants Demand by Type 232

10 All Other Implantable Medical Devices 236


1 US Implantable Medical Devices Sales by Company, 2010 238

2 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 250

3 Selected Cooperative Agreements 253




1 Implantable Medical Device Demand by Product Group, 2010 49


1 Orthopedic Implants Demand by Product Group, 2010 54

2 Reconstructive Joint Replacements Demand by Type, 2010 58

3 Spinal Implants Demand by Product Group, 2010 81

4 Orthobiologics Demand by Product Group, 2010 94


1 Cardiovascular Implants Demand by Product Group, 2010 119

2 Pacing Device Demand by Product Group, 2010 121

3 Cardiac Stents & Related Implants Demand

by Product Group, 2010 141



1 US Implantable Medical Devices — Market Share

by Company, 2010 241

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