Could a New Casting Material Revolutionize Fracture Management Globally?

Fifty years later, a revolutionary technology has finally arrived as the next effective generation of casting material, PolyTrexx™ polymer by Fast Form Research. Casting improvements have been few and far between in the history of medical treatment with only two significant advances within the last 150 years, plaster of Paris and fiberglass tape. Hippocrates first described fracture management as the use of wooden sticks and exercise to prevent muscle atrophy during immobilization. In more modern times, plaster of Paris cast materials were first deployed in the mid-1800’s by the French and Russians, while the most recent technological cast material advance has been fiberglass casting tape introduced in the 1970’s.
For those of us who have enjoyed the dubious honor as former cast recipients, future fracture patients can now be encouraged by favorable new features and benefits offered by Fast Form’s technology. PolyTrexx™ material enables a game-changing custom formable design that yields a very lightweight, thin profile, and highly-breathable cast which speaks volumes to effective fracture management, and patient comfort and hygiene practice. Patients can now shower, swim, and sweat given a combination of its permeable wicking liner and Diamond Matrix™ body, and its clamshell design makes it easily removable (on/off) for rehabilitation exercises. Fast Form’s clinical findings support patient results that vastly minimize or eliminate itching, skin maceration, foul odors, and swelling constriction (patient micro-adjustable circumference).
From a clinician’s viewpoint PolyTrexx™ is a significant advance in fracture management and may very well replace all traditional casting materials. The Fast Form technology is not only fast in application (=/< traditional casting time), but yet it’s customizable (L-coding) to every patient and their varying anatomy and bony prominences. Plus unlike traditional casting means, it’s a one-time application that may follow the patient through their continuum of care, and beyond as a brace. Therefore, it may mitigate the need for patient cast adjustment or replacement visits (days off work), additional MD office technician time consumption, and unnecessary material costs. While Fast Form won’t be commercially available until later this year in the US, they intend to launch and sell though seasoned independent orthopedic distributors. An Irish-based organization, Fast Form has already identified its US headquarters that will act as its North American operations, warehouse, sales, marketing, and training facility. So, look for this new, exciting, and revolutionary technology of PolyTrexx™ coming to you soon. Written by: Jeff Chandler


Josh Sandberg

Josh Sandberg is the President of Ortho Spine Partners and Partner for The De Angelis Group. He also serves as Co-Founder and Editor of OrthoSpineNews.

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