Boston Scientific acquires, launches fiXate suturing system

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Medtech titan Boston Scientific launches its newly acquired fiXate tissue band, a semi-automatic suturing system for spinal cord stimulator leads and pain pump catheters.

Medical device maker Boston Scientific (NYSE:BSX) acquired the fiXate tissue band from Anulex Technologies, launching the suturing system right away.

The fiXate device is a semi-automatic suturing system designed to secure spinal cord stimulator leads and pain pump catheters, touting deployment in under 1 minute in bench testing, according to a press release.

“Anchoring a lead can be a time consuming part of the SCS procedure, and lead migration resulting in the need for revision is a known complication of SCS,” Dr. Richard Bowman said in prepared remarks on behalf of the company. “The fiXate device improves the surgical technique by allowing the lead anchor to be secured tightly to tissue in a quick and efficient way with a small anchoring incision.”

Boston Scientific unveiled the fiXate system earlier this month during the meeting of the American Academy of Pain Medicine, the company noted. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Boston Scientific last week announced FDA approval and a limited U.S. launch of its Precision Spectra spinal cord stimulation device, which won U.S. labeling for treatment of chronic pain.

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  1. At least someone finally figured out a use for Anulex’s product! Geez!…

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