Spine surgery in a value-based world: Dr. Jed Vanichkachorn on spine bundled payments

By Laura Dyrda

Spine surgeons are beginning to see a real shift from fee-for-service to value-based care as insurance companies pass risk onto providers. The payers push integrated care models and population health initiatives for the future.

“We are seeing more push-back from insurance companies for traditional fee for service reimbursement,” says Jed Vanichkachorn, MD, of Tuckahoe Orthopaedics in Richmond, Va. “With health care reform hitting their margins and profitability, insurers are encouraging providers to integrate more and move away from the fee-for-service model. We are used to being reimbursed for the number of CPT codes billed, but now there is a movement to integrate with hospital systems and deliver value-based care.”



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