Bio2 Technologies, Inc. to Present Results from Ovine Spinal Fusion Study

Bio2 Technologies, Inc. to Present Results from Ovine Spinal Fusion Study

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WOBURN, Mass., March 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Bio2 Technologies will present a poster at the Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society ( in San Diego, CA on March 22, 2017 reporting the results from an ovine interbody fusion study conducted at Colorado State University comparing Bio2’s Vitrium device to an implant of similar design constructed from PEEK polymer.  Autograft bone was placed in the central lumen of both devices.

Vitrium is an advanced orthobiomaterial with structural properties similar to cortical bone.  It is composed of bioactive glass, a material with well-established osteostimulative properties.  Bio2 has developed a proprietary manufacturing process to produce a strong, three-dimensional structure featuring interconnected pores facilitating the propagation of new bone.

The biomechanical tests (performed by mdevdev, San Francisco, CA) evaluated Vitrium’s ability to exhibit the ideal characteristics of a spinal fusion product, prospectively defined as: a) an effective, safe resorption/bone formation profile, b) stimulation of new bone formation to increase fusion rates, and c) sufficient strength to bear/share physiologic loads.  Janet Krevolin, Ph.D., Bio2’s Chief Technical Officer and co-author of the poster, stated “the test results clearly demonstrated that Vitrium achieved these objectives.  All subjects demonstrated a reduction in motion at 26 weeks indicating a fusion taking place for both the Vitrium and PEEK implants. Of note, in axial compressive load to failure testing the Vitrium fusion exhibited strength in excess of the adjoining vertebral bodies, whereas the PEEK fusion failed at the fusion site.  The test data show the Vitrium devices exhibited the ideal characteristics of an interbody fusion product.”

Additional information on Vitrium and the ovine spinal fusion study may be found at:

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