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Smith & Nephew joins forces with Imperial’s Biomechanics Group

19 July 2017/by Naomi Black

The medical device giant Smith & Nephew have signed a 3-year partnership with a research group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering to find new ways to support one of our most important joints.

With an increasing participation in sport, and a trend to keep active later in life, the treatment of sports injuries of the knee has been identified by Smith & Nephew as one offering high growth opportunities.

The USD $1m research study is led by Professor Andrew Amis, Professor of Orthopaedic Biomechanics and leader of The Biomechanics Group, who already has a long-standing working relationship with the company.  His expertise with artificial ligaments and total and partial knee prostheses as well as field experience working directly with surgeons has set the groundwork for this latest agreement.





Drue De Angelis

Drue is Managing Partner for The De Angelis Group, Executive Search firm exclusively for the Ortho & Spine industry.

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