Biomet Sales Encouraging for Industry


Biomet, Inc. reported a 5% increase in sales for the company’s third fiscal quarter on April 11. Like the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil of Pennsylvania, the company’s sales are widely watched because Biomet is the first company to report orthopedic industry quarterly sales for the start of the year.

Biomet 3Q 2012


($ in millions)

% Change 

Total Reported Sales $708.9 5%
     Large Joints 422.7 5%


     Sports, Extremities, Trauma 92.7 16.0%
     Spine & Bone Healing 76.5 down 5%
     Dental 65.6 down 2%
     Other 51.4 8.0%

Source: Biomet, Inc.

The company reported Knees and Hips up 4% and 6%, respectively. Spine and Bone Healing fell by 5%, the fifth consecutive quarter of declines, according to Wells Fargo Analyst Larry Biegelsen. Sports, Extremities and Trauma rose 16%. “Against relatively easy comps, Biomet posted better quarterly growth in nearly all of its product categories,” wrote Jefferies & Company, Inc. Analyst Raj Denhoy in an investor note on April 11.

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