EOI Announces that Dr. Henry Ruiz is the First to Implant the FLXfit™ 3D Expandable Cage in Alabama

EOI Announces that Dr. Henry Ruiz is the First to Implant the FLXfit™ 3D Expandable Cage in Alabama

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OR AKIVA, Israel, February 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

Expanding Orthopedics Inc. (EOI), a privately held medical device company focused on developing and commercializing innovative expandable devices for spine surgery, is excited to announce that Dr. Henry Ruiz of the Gadsden Regional Medical Center has been the first surgeon in Alabama to adopt the FLXfit™ articulated and lordotic expandable cage as his choice of treatment for his TLIF fusion surgeries. Dr. Henry Ruiz says that „I have used many different cages throughout my career and in the last few years I have shifted to expandable cages as I believe this technology provides great benefit to patients, especially in minimal invasive surgery”. He added that „the FLXfit expandable cage is a very unique design and different from other expandable devices I have used before and is a real game-changer in my practice”.

Dr. Ruiz notes that „many of the current expandable cages have a small surface area and expand in the weak part of the bone which can potentially enhance subsidence and compromise long term clinical outcome. The FLXfit has a very large surface area and a unique articulation mechanism which enables me to drive the cage to the front of the disc space and expand it exactly where I want it, on the strong part of the bone”. He summarizes that „I’m very excited with the FLXfit cage as it provides everything I wanted with an expandable cage in my practice, large footprint with lordotic expansion in the right location in the disc space with a very easy to use instrumentation. I’m confident that with this kind of device, I provide the best treatment for my patients”.

Ofer Bokobza, CEO of Expanding Orthopedics, says that „we are excited to collaborate with Dr. Ruiz and his team and congratulate them for joining a growing list of spine surgeons selecting the FLXfit as their new standard of care.”

About Expanding Orthopedics Inc.

Expanding Orthopedics Inc. is medical device company developing and marketing innovative products designed to address unmet clinical needs for spine care and improve long-term patients’ outcome. The Company is spearheaded by seasoned management team, and is backed by prominent spine surgeons. EOI owns a broad patent portfolio around anatomically fit, expandable devices for enhanced stability through a minimally invasive approach.

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David Elkaim, VP Marketing and Sales
E-mail: david@xortho.com
Phone: +1-(347)-3219683

SOURCE Expanding Orthopedics Inc. (EOI)

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