The Hazards of Travel and How to Minimize Your Risk

The Hazards of Travel and How to Minimize Your Risk

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Greg Houlgate, Contributor – CEO/President Oska Wellness, Inc.


As a child, I couldn’t wait to go to the airport to watch the enormous planes roll up to the gate and witness the steady stream of people from all walks of life transitioning in the corridors of the terminal. For me, there was a mystique and elegance that was unique on my voyages to the airport.

This mystique is far from relatable these days. In fact, the allure and exotic nature of travel have certainly eroded for many over the past four decades. Like most people I know, we worry about timing to the airport because of traffic on the road, delays at the security checks, lack of adequate places to stage at the gate, and so on. Added to this list include the fear of getting sick from your coughing neighbor, dirty rest areas, filtered air, the constant reminders about access to clean water, and the inevitable struggle that altitude travel can present while attempting to stay healthy on any trip.

The CDC, too, warns us of a list of conditions that could be harmful for humans as we travel. If you read their recommendations, you may never wish to step out of your house at all!

As an active business and leisure traveler for over 40 years, I can certainly share a few horror stories of my own about life on the road. But the reality is, travel is an integral part of the modern world. To avoid travel (specifically air travel) will deny you the opportunities to enjoy potential new adventures and the obvious benefits that leaving the comforts of home can offer.

Each of my less-than-optimal travel experiences has made me somewhat of an expert on how to make travel a healthier and more comfortable experience.

For instance, in advance of any air travel, I am particularly cognizant of my diet, sleep and exercise. Staying hydrated, getting exercise and rest will go a long way to keep you protected when you are in crowded public places. Secondly, I always arm myself with some modern technology to help keep my circulation and health at an optimum level regardless of my ability to move in confined places.

In an effort to impart some of my sagely travel advice to you, the following list includes my personal travel must-haves that I never hit the road without. The best part, they are easily portable and TSA approved to minimize any hassle:

1. Compression socks

Compression socks not only increase circulation, they potentially help stave off DVT or deep vein thrombosis. This condition can be life altering; in some cases, even fatal. Compression socks and other devices can help a person with this condition or prevent it after surgery if they have poor circulation.

2. Neck Pillows

Neck pillows can provide a whole lot of benefit, specifically you have your own clean pillow when you rest on a plane. It’ll help increase your chances of sleep, which (as we all know) can be one of the most challenging aspects of travel, especially internationally.

3. Personal Ear buds and Anti-bacterial Wipes

Personal use ear buds and anti- Bacterial wipes are both recommended as an easy way to take control of your space within an airplane seat, while also keeping sickness at bay.

4. Portable PEMF devices (similar to those that the astronaut’s use)

PEMF is a widely researched therapy that is regularly deployed by our friends at NASA. NASA astronauts have optimized PEMF devices for many years simply due to the clinical efficacy of the many positive effects this technology creates in and around the human body. NASA has determined, through decades of study, that the ravages of air and space travel decrease the body’s ability to maintain proper circulation, bone density and overall wellness. In combating this physical limit, NASA uses PEMF to not only protect but to strength an astronaut during their ventures. One consumer-friendly PEMF device that is FDA-registered and TSA approved is called Oska Pulse (

Next time you hit the road, arm yourself with these tools and advice to ensure you are maximizing your comfort and health while you travel. Take it from me: it’ll make all the difference.



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