Bone Solutions Inc. Reaches 50 Implants Of Its Proprietary Magnesium-Based Bone Void Filler

“This milestone is a huge accomplishment for our company, and we’re excited to continue to introduce our product to surgeons around the country,” says BSI president and CEO Drew Diaz.

The OsteoCrete® implants were performed by various surgeons in the U.S. during BSI’s 90-day launch period, which ran from October 1 to December 31, 2017. The company worked with a network of distributors to deliver and implement the product. BSI will now shift its focus to attaining approvals at various hospital systems in the U.S.

OsteoCrete® is the only bone-repair product in the market made with magnesium. This gives surgeons an advantage as compared to using calcium-based devices, which do not have the unique combination of compressive strength and expandability necessary for optimal binding quality. OsteoCrete® is resorbable, or capable of being assimilated back into the body, as it is replaced with bone as the patient heals. It’s also injectable, moldable, and biocompatible.

“I am confident 2018 will be a banner year for the company, and we look forward to the continued growth of both the market and the use of OsteoCrete® in future surgical applications,” says Diaz.

About Bone Solutions Inc.
Bone Solutions Inc. (‘BSI’) ( is an orthobiologics company with a vision to provide orthopedic surgeons a means to improve clinical outcomes in a number of complex procedures while lowering costs. The company is revolutionizing a new solution for orthopedic surgeons for human uses with their FDA-cleared magnesium-based platform bone void filler.

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