Loma Linda Veterans Benefit from New Advanced Environmental Technology

May 25, 2018

LOMA LINDA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In the fight against hospital acquired infections, Veterans Administration medical centers play a critical role in protecting the health of America’s veterans. At the 159-bed Veterans Administration Loma Linda Healthcare System in California, administrators have adopted the latest technology in fighting airborne bacteria and viruses which contribute to these infections. Recently, the hospital adopted the Illuvia system by Aerobiotix, a unique technology which utilizes ultraviolet energy to eliminate airborne pathogens in the hospital environment. This includes drug resistant microbes such as MRSA. “The hardest place to kill a pathogen is inside the human body. If we can eliminate the danger in the air before it gets a chance to enter the patient, the human and economic benefits are profound,” states Dr. David Kirschman, M.D. founder of Aerobiotix, Inc.

The Veterans Administration Loma Linda has installed the Illuvia systems in ten hospital locations including operating rooms and surgical supply areas. In peer reviewed data, these systems have been shown to significantly reduce airborne bacterial and contamination levels.

About Aerobiotix Inc.

Aerobiotix, Inc. is a company driving leadership in advanced air quality products for the healthcare market. The company develops, manufactures and markets novel technologies to build better healthcare environments worldwide. Our focus is to build awareness of the contribution of air quality issues to hospital-acquired infections and provide safe, effective devices to improve the environments of care. Today, our products benefit patients and caregivers around the globe.


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