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How The CORE Institute grew 40% last quarter — IT leads the way

By Laura Dyrda

The CORE Institute made several key moves recently to expand the practice and position itself for success in the future.

Based in Phoenix, the practice also has locations in Michigan and will be expanding into additional states this year. In March, the practice signed a partnership with Surgical Care Affiliates and six physicians to open The CORE Institute Specialty Hospital in Phoenix.

“We continue to grow,” says David Jacofsky, MD, CEO of The CORE Institute. “The excitement and adoption of our proprietary quality programs and IT platforms for managing risk and predicting the quality and cost of care has been far greater than we ever expected. Now that we have five years worth of data showing outcomes related to the platform deployment for hospitals and physician groups, we’re getting calls almost daily from hospitals or groups interested in working with us.”

Here are five key notes on the group’s growth:


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